All work undertaken by Aegis is carried out to the highest standards of professional competence and integrity. Our policies aim to encourage a positive impact on the environment, our clients, our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Aegis pioneers Corporate Social Responsibility within the sector through five distinct streams:

1. Corporate Governance (See Compliance)

Aegis has always been at the forefront of promoting and encouraging regulation, transparency, accountability, and adherence to the Rule of Law. As early as 2004 Aegis worked with the US Government in Iraq to develop procedures to monitor performance and resolve conflict. More recently, Aegis helped establish the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (ICoC) and played a leading role in developing the industry standard, PSC-1.

Aegis’s Code of Conduct and Code of Business Conduct document the procedures by which Aegis conforms to various laws and ethical standards.

2. People and Welfare

People are key to our success and Aegis encourages hard work and loyalty by taking care of our staff worldwide. By providing fair leave and travel policies, secure living conditions, mentoring and excellent after care, Aegis is able to provide our personnel with the best possible working conditions. Aegis also strives to provide opportunities for training, development and career progression to all personnel.

Aegis ensures that all staff are treated with dignity and respect and are free from discrimination, harassment, and other forms of bullying at work.

3. Health and Safety, and Environment

Aegis views Health and Safety, and Environment (HSE) as an integral part of all its activities. Aegis has therefore developed a unique safety system, Aegis STRIKE, which is designed to combine the most effective international standards in safety and environment management.

4. Socio-economic Contributions

Wherever possible, Aegis sources goods and services from local businesses and contractors. Aegis also has a strong history of employing local people to deliver our contracts. We provide high quality training and actively encourage career development to senior positions.

5. Social Investment Programmes (See Foundation)

Aegis carries out social investment programmes through the Aegis Foundation, which aims to help build community relations and improve the lives of the local population wherever we work. Active since 2004, the Aegis Foundation has worked to bring immediate relief to communities in post-conflict environments, responding to community requests with low-cost, high-impact initiatives.