Aegis was founded in 2002 by Tim Spicer and three partners, Mark Bullough, Jeffrey Day and Dominic Armstrong.

In a world of rapidly evolving geopolitical change they saw the need for a company that understood how to respond to new threats and their consequences for governments and multinational corporations – one that could provide much broader solutions than physical security alone. Their strategic vision was for an organisation that encapsulated the entire risk management process of identifying, analysing and mitigating risk in a variety of scenarios. It is this approach that most clearly sets Aegis apart from its main competitors today.

The collective experience of the company’s founders has brought Aegis to a position at the forefront of risk management services. Today, Aegis can look back on a history of fulfilling a wide range of challenging and ground-breaking missions in extremely tough environments in more than 60 countries for 20 governments, top multinationals and the United Nations.