Pre-incident Consultancy

In the event of a kidnap or extortion event occurring, a degree of fear and panic will naturally follow. Understanding the mechanics and sequence of the crisis, and planning, preparing and rehearsing for this eventuality, is the best way to minimise the levels of stress for those dealing with the kidnappers or extortionist, and to ensure the safe and timely release of victims.

Aegis Response has developed specialised risk management tools that support prevention, deterrence, detection, and appropriate response measures for our clients. These tools comprise of a range of bespoke pre-incident products, services and training, including Crisis Management Plans, Crisis Management Tabletop exercises and Simulated Incident (SIMINIC) exercises, all of which can be tailored to meet the needs of the client. They can help guide organisations in establishing effective crisis management policies, crisis management structures, processes and procedures.

Pre-deployment training and country familiarisation is one of the most effective crisis prevention measures for those travelling to high-risk areas.  When delivered, this training can help clients to become aware, and accept the existence of personal security issues, improve their personal security arrangements, and thus reduce the likelihood of an identified crisis incident occurring.  Companies with operations in hostile, uncertain or high-risk environments can also minimise the risk to their employees by ensuring that tested threat mitigation policies, processes and procedures are in place.

Aegis Response pre-incident consultancy products and services are designed and delivered to clients by our consultants who bring specialist knowledge and skills acquired through careers in the military, police and intelligence agencies. They are specifically recruited for their training and experience in the development and delivery of tailored risk management solutions.


The threat of kidnap or extortion can be minimised, but it can never be completely eliminated.  In the event of an incident, we will immediately dispatch one or more experienced Response Consultants to the client’s aid, anywhere in the world.  Using principles and methodologies developed and proven over several decades, our Response Consultants will guide the client through the entire process to a successful conclusion of the incident.